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I've been in love with technology since my failed attempt at majoring in computer science. My mother, Gina, dutifully bought me a computer back in those college days when 2MB's of RAM was big news! I failed computer science because it was too cerebral and just not social enough. But I had the computer and I learned all I could about it, its operating system and the amazing things it could do for me - and for my friends and family.

That interest turned into passion which turned into a full time job. I've been training (mostly lawyers and their staff) for 13 years now and still love it. And I want others to love it just the same.

Technology is here to stay and it's worth getting to know. My approach to technology isn't very different than the one I have with my friends, family and clients. My approach is relationship based - it can be quite fulfilling given the same things that make other relationships great - time, nurturing, understanding and flexibility.

I started this blog as a place to share information, tips, training and thoughts that I hope will help you fall in love with technology too.